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Test target was the "ULose" game (in the distribution under demos/de/tivano/site/servlets), running in different configurations. The servlet was accessed through the Enhydra multiserver version 3.1.1b1 running on SUN jdk1.3.1. To run the test we used the MakeHttpLoad tool with 10,000 requests made to the starting page of the game and 10 simultaneous threads. (MakeHttpLoad is included in the distribution under demos/de/tivano/tools.) The tool was running on the same single-processor machine as the Enhydra multiserver.


ConfigurationTime (s) Errors

Other technologies

Of course we're interested how our engine compares to others. Especially to XMLC, which has given us much inspiration on how to build a template engine (and also what to avoid).

Naturally, there are small differences in the servlet implementations for each engine, as well as small differences in the templates. We have tried to model the behaviour of them as closely as possible. See the "Remarks" column for details. For the Enhydra and Tomcat tests we used the same JDK 1.3.1 as for the above measurements. In our setup we had to use the "classic" VM for the tests with Tomcat, while for the tests with Enhydra multiserver we used the default "client" VM.

EnvironmentTemplate-EngineTime (s)Remarks
Enhydra MultiserverXMLC87.211 This can best be compared to the "ProbabilisticCache" setup measured with SiTE.
Enhydra MultiserverSiTE-Servlet29.497 The configuration with "ProbabilisticCache" was used here.
Jakarta Tomcat 4.0.1JSP194.516 The "classic" VM had to be used here.
Jakarta Tomcat 4.0.1SiTE-Servlet118.980 The configuration with "ProbabilisticCache" was used here.
WebSphere 3.5JSP47.276 IBM JDK 1.2.2
WebSphere 3.5SiTE-Servlet46.071 IBM JDK 1.2.2

Since it's pretty pointless to measure recompilation times for JSP and XMLC, we have decided to not include these values. They are so slow that developers are well-advised to make sure compilation takes place before anyone accesses the page.

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